Thursday, May 26, 2011

Welcome To EnlighTea Cafe ... World Premiere Video Release :-)

Hi everyone! Here is our promo video to help spread the message across to the public what EnlighTea Cafe is more about. Please provide us with your feedback. As our way to say thanks, use Promo code 511 to get FREE Shipping on your next order at, thanks!! :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Your Official Invitation to Tea Time in Honor of the Royal Wedding and Family!

Feeling left out of the Royal Wedding or you don’t belong? No worries, EnlighTea Cafe is organizing our own Royal Tea Time at 3pm sharp! (same time as Prince William, Princesses Kate, and the Queen: ) So, this is how it works, you go find your best stash of tea (ideally an English tea, like Earl Grey Cream or something else), clear your mind of all the rubbish, find your ideal spot, brew your tea, focus on all the Love, Light & Luxury surrounding this world wide event, meditate and even send more of it to the world yourself…Hope to see you there! : )
Loving Regards,
Your Friends @ EnlighTea Cafe : )

Friday, April 1, 2011

Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from

EnlighTea Cafes will provide the space where GOOD to GREAT ideas will be born, nurtured, supported, and flourish!  Watch Steven Johnson's presentation below to understand why.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

☞☜ "The Ultimate Test of a RELATIONSHIP... is to D I S A G R E E but to Hold Hands." ~ Alexandria Penney

Wow, this is a tough one for me right now to agree about, especially when it comes to my mother in law, but true it is.  It's easy to be in a relationship with others who agree with you and never challenge or likes to avoid conflict or disagreements with you!  Yes, it's nice to be in these relationships, a blessing indeed to have.  But the Ultimate Test of a Relationship is to DISAGREE and still Hold Hands. : )  

Another words, when two people are butting heads, or in some cases, like my mother in law and I, banging heads because we both want it our way because obviously our way is better than the other person's way. Then be expected to turn around and hold hands, or smile and feel love for each other, can be a bit much, to say the least!

But this we must do, because being in the Relationship is in most cases not a choice and really no matter where we go, who we are, and whether we like it or not, we are all in relationships with every other human being on this planet.  So the question is can you pass the Ultimate Test?  When your significant other say he or she will never agree to that which is so precious and valuable to you.  

For example, you love your freedom, he or she does not. Can you still hold hands, love them for what they believe, and accept them for who they are? How about when he or she say they would die before they let you xxxx fill in the blank.  It could be anything like have you take dance lessons, goto church every Sunday, yoga, etc when they know it's something you love to do and would love to share it with them, but they still refuse and disagree with you that it's good for them.  Will you still love them, hold their hands, and be there for them when they want or need you!?  

So if you are feeling your relationships are getting stale, too complacent, boring or not challenging enough, give yourself the ultimate test, and DISAGREE and let your FREEDOM of thought, choice, and words express themselves to those you are in a relationship with and make sure to HOLD THEIR HANDS tight and lovingly, so that they don't want to let go...

Better yet, wait until they DISAGREE with your most precious thoughts and ideas, then be the better person for it by HOLDING THEIR HANDS despite your DISAGREEMENT and LOVE them anyways, because no matter who you are, what you do, and whether you like it or not, you are in a relationship with them and in most cases will always be in some kind of relationship with them for as long as you are both alive, so enjoy, accept, and get use to it now!!

In Love, Light, and Luxury,

James Pham : )
EnlighTea Cafe